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“Heritage and Quality are want makes us genuine" Who are we? Accurate meat selection 100% italian pork, gluten freen
and without milk derivatives.
Processing of the meats
Combine tradition and innovation To protect quality and genuineness. Wholesale

Territory, our passion’s crib

All of our products are realised using only fresh Italian meat
They don’t contain milk derivatives
They don’t contain glutamate .
They don’t contain gluten.

“Heritage and Quality are want makes us genuine”

Fresh Italian pork meat

We work only with fresh Italian pork meat from safeguarded supply chains

Without gluten

All our production is included in AIC's formulary .

Processing according to tradition

Our grandparents taught us the art of transforming meat in tasty and delicious samples.

... with modern technology

Technology allows for each step of the processing to be precise and wholesome.

Tradition and Territory

Every time you taste a Salumificio dei Castelli’s product, it being a sausage, pancetta or a nice slice of sopressa vicentina DOP, you can be certain you are tasting vicenza’s delicatessens excellence, a high quality cold cut, able to perfectly combine the traditions flavours with the safety guaranteed by modern technologies, because as we have been claiming for years “Heritage and Quality are what makes us genuine”.

Aged cold cuts

Salami, Sopresse, pancette, lardo and coppa are all aged cold cuts, they are perfect to keep at home for long periods of time and taken out to taste at the perfect moment.

The fresh cold cuts

The fresh cold cuts family is made up of traditional products, to be boiled or grilled.
Fresh salami, musetti, sausages, tastasale and salamelle, bondiole, salted meat and corned tongue.


Loins, roasbeef, porcehtte, cotechini, bondiole and tongues, are all cooked, small pieces at a time, with fresh herbs and seasoned with spices.

Collaborations and Certifications:

We are proud to collaborate with other excellences from out territory in order to create cold cuts that can surprise and excite even our most demanding clients.

For years we have developed cold cuts with wines such as Breganze Torcolato DOC and Tai Rosso Colli Berici Doc.

We are producers of the Sopressa Vicentina DOP, and we follow the strict disciplinary to offer our clients our territory’s excellence. Our products are all gluten free, so safe for people with gluten intolerance.