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Distribution channels

Our cold cuts are shipped every day, rigorously in temperature controlled transportation, to Italy and various other European countries.

Through our sales office we take care of the offers and sales, directly or though distributors depending on the different realities and their specific needs and taste.


Mass distribution looks for quality cold cuts, guaranteed to win the trust and retain even the more demanding clientele. With the Salumificio de Castelli it is possible to offer the real Sopressa Vicentina DOP, the salami nostrano (Venetian), pancetta, roast beef or the fresh cold cuts for a taste of excellence.

Salumeria and Butchery

The workshops (oppure solo shops) represent an unbeaten and unbeatable asset of knowledge and respect for traditions. In order to offer a memorable experience, butchers and the salumieri aim on distinctive handicrafts. The products refined with DOC wines of the territory or the Salumi del Convento, traditionally aged in cellars, tell a story that makes mouths water.

Restaurants, Bars and Pizzerias

Among our clients we have always had delis, restaurants, bars, pizzerias and caterers. When one wants to utilise cold cuts that make a difference on the dishes, Salumificio dei Castelli it at their disposal. Many of our clients highlight the use of our cold cuts, like the spicy salamino on pizzas, to enhance their recipes and make their clients mouths water.


The distributors are our allies to make people appreciate the original salumeria vicentina. We closely collaborate with distributors in Italy and abroad.

To receive out catalogue and for more information on prices and deliveries, you can contact us at our phone number :0444 49 26 27 or email us at: