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Who are we?

Family make a difference.

Each person brings a precise, passionate a curated input.

Flori Fantin


Flori is the soul of SalumificIo dei Castelli. Attentive throughout each production step, technology use and final product quality.

Patrizia Gobbo


Patrizia is the insight and feminine taste of Salumificio del Castelli.

Marco Fantin


Each negotiation, each request goes through Marco, attentive and sure to meet each client's request.


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Sopresse Vicentine DOP produced each year

Salumificio dei Castelli, child of traditions of a four generations family in the norcineria world, was born in Montecchio Maggiore in 1998, at the feet of the Castelli that were traditionally owned by the families of Romeo and Juliliette, from whom it gets its name.

Salumificio dei castelli, works forefront for the protection, valorisation and spread of this little cultural and gastronomical treasure that is the traditional Norcineria, and specifically that of the Venetian and Vicenza’s tradition.

Its location, puts him in between the Berici and Lessini, in the heart of the Provice of Vicenza. A land famous for Palladio’s architectures and for being the sopressa’s crib, is now fully valued after having reached Denomination of Protected Origin (Denominazione di Origine Protetta), first among the cured meats to reach this prestigious recognition.

The love and respect for traditions and territory, testified by the certifications obtained throughout the years, drives our constant search for quality and safety.

Our product’s points of strength are quality and the accuracy with which we selects our meats. We utilise only fresh Italian heavy swine and fine bovine cuts, which are accurately selected and manually worked (or processed) by knife. All is guaranteed though a high quality control of our raw materials.

The subsequent processing phases combine traditional techniques with the security and control that modern technologies can give, always preserving quality and genuineness of the products. We guarantee a safe product for our customers, bagged in natural casing (gut), without milk derivates, gluten or glutamate.

Each time you taste a Salumifici del Castello product, it be a sausage, pancetta or a nice slice of sopressa Vicentina DOP, you have the certainty of tasting Vicenza’s excellence.A high quality cold cut, able to perfectly combine the authentic flavours of our tradition with the safety guaranteed by modern technologies. Because, as we have claimed for years,“Heritage and Quality are what makes us unique”.