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Processing of the meats

Tradition and innovation

Salumificio dei Castelli’s strong point is the accuracy in selecting and choosing the meats. This is the only way we can be sure to produce quality cold cuts.

For all our processings we exclusively use fresh Italian swine meats, belonging to a modern technologically protected circuit,

which follows H.A.C.C.P protocol to assure food safety and wholesomeness.


More specifically:

Cutting and selection

are exclusively performed manually by knife;

Grinding and mixture

respecting tradition, quality and attentive to the needs of our consumers. As a matter of fact our products are without dairy, gluten or glutamate derivatives.


is strictly natural gut/casing;

Draining and Drying

cold or hot depending on the product, with constant control, 7 days a week, 12 months a year;


(for the non-fresh products), a slow resting and maturing period on our premises, where the optimal micro-climate is recreated to obtain the best results possible.

Unique passion

The choice of meats and processing techniques are part of Veneto’s identity and tradition.

The salumeria represents one of out strong suits and excellences of Veneto’s delicatessens. It sees ” EL mas-cio” as main character of our dining tables and folklore of the rural tradition. The pig, raised and fattened during the year, represented a fundamental meat reserve, and its processing by the maestri noricini guaranteed its preservation and consumption throughout the entire year, from the fresher “luganeghe” to the more matured “Sopressa”, queen of cold cuts.

The transformation, through death and resurrection of the pig in cold cut form, because of its almost sacral importance, has been recounted by different literary authors. Its presence, jealously preserved throughout the seasons, determined the difference between hunger and famine, wealth and misery.