The meat processing takes place in pressurised and acclimatised rooms at a constant temperature of 12° C.

Drying takes place in two cycles: 1. Drip drying, which lasts 12 hours, at a temperature between 20-22° C. 2. Five-day drying period with a temperature that decreases from 22° C to at 14° C.

The aging time varies depending on the size and ranges from a minimum of forty days to a maximum of ninety days from the date of production.

Salami – Soprèssa – Sausages – “Cotechino Sausages”

The typical products of our rural tradition consist of customs developed by an agricultural population, founded on the transformation of pork into cured meats capable of being preserved for long periods of time, in addition to the cultivation of crops.

The great and care taken in the preparation of Salumificio dei Castelli products ensure that top quality salamis and sausages arrive on your table.