The Salumificio dei Castelli is located in Montecchio Maggiore, in the Province of Vicenza, at the foot of the hill where the castles of Romeo and Juliet stand.

Rural gastronomical traditions and culture are still very much alive here and this is why salami and soprèssa which are typical local products still enjoy success, satisfy consumers’ tastes and are never missing from their tables.

At the Salumificio dei Castelli a great deal of importance is given to production, starting from the careful selection of raw materials. Only fresh national pork is used, and this is still hand selected, according to the traditional centuries-old recipes of local pork butchers.

This is followed by a careful phase of drying and seasoning in special rooms where both the temperature and humidity are constantly controlled with the most modern technologies.

The duration of the aging varies according to the product and size. During this period many inspections are made to guarantee conformity of the product with the company’s established quality standards.